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HCW-UK Packed House

Aug 25th 2000
Perdeswell Leisure Centre, Worcester
1] Heavyweight Championship
Jonny The Body Vs Ice Tea
2] Balls Vs Dave Real
3] Iranian Warrior (Iran) Vs G.B.H
4] "The Guv'nor" Carl Conroy Vs Micky Thomas
5] High Flyers 3 Way
Carl Corporate Vs Kelt Kenedy Vs Gary Ace
6] Hardcore Match
The Masked Maniac Vs Y2Kaos
7] The Incinarator Vs Preditor
8] The Irannian Warrior and "Tough Guy" Barry Malone
G.B.H and Brute Force
9] FWA All England Championship
Justin Richards Vs The English Bulldog
10] Heavyweight Championship
Jonny The Body Vs U.Kane
A real action packed card from the Packed Arena
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