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HCW-UK Boys On Holiday I (APWF USA)

Aug 10th 2002
Punxytawney PA, USA
1] Kid Cupid Vs Jacobs
2] Paul Atlas and Brock Singleton (With Sasha)
"Too Skinny" Jay Scott and "Harddrive" Charlie Gates
3] APWF Tag Team 4 Way Match
Mercury Flash and Blade Vs
Devon Devine and Dirk Cigler
Vs The Players Club Vs
Jonny The Body and The Gangster
4] Mixed Tag Bout
Stacy Carter and Yoda Vs NYX and Spiderman
5] APWF Jr Heavyweight Title Bull Rope Match
Kato Kasanova Vs Big Country
6] APWF Heavyweight Title Match
Dr Feelgood Vs "Too Hot To Handle" Matt Vandal
7] The Main Event
"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan and Big Bubber Brewer
Zubov (Russia) and Sheik Abdule Hasan (Iran)
Witness the First International Tour of HCW Stars