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2005 The Year In Review

28/12/2005 - 2005 The Year in Review.
At the start of last year My health was on the up after the Cancer Deal and I could look forward to 2005 with good hopes.
The Bookings started slow but i had the chance to go to a ACW show that my Good Mate Maddog Maxx was on to have a nose and managed to leave the venue that night with a couple of bookings after chatting with promoter Steve Biggs.
The Start of the Real bookings came from New Promoter Alan Ravenhill and his PPW outfit based in Wales, This for the early goings atleast was the home of the Freebird Tag Team (Maddog and I) more from PPW later.
Two nights later the Birds were in action again in Malvern for my HCW Promotion against Carl Mizzery and a Great French Lad who I met through Gerry Norton named Mark Mignot.
I'd never wrestled a French Guy before but the match was a treat and I look forward to seeing Mark again soon I Hope.
Early 2005 also saw me Kiss the Ass of a fellow wrestler for the 1st time when I lost a "Kiss my Ass" Match to Nicky Mace for KStar Promotions in Walsall, That show was wickid it was in a Pub called the Black Horse and the Room where the Wrestling took place was about the size of my living room, as always the Walsall crowd packed in and welcomed us all real well.
A last Second booking (One of Many for 2005) we traveled to Leicester for Jack Taylor and I worked my mate Maddog in a Traditional British Match with JJ Jenkins as the Ref, Very good Bout Lots of fun dispite a bit of Backstage Heat with Nick Ashbury (The Guy who tryed to Sue me after injering himself at a HCW show in 2004) and being asked to leave the dressing room by Sykes (Fuck knows why he wanted to poke his nose in).
The good news tho all is now sorted and Nick Ashbury and we are on Talking turms now and all is good, I often see him at the RPW Shows and contacted him and said lets just forget the past.
A year highlight came mid March when i Wrestled in the Packed Yew Tree Club in Walsall against JJ Jenkins, A true pro with 40 plus years experiance, the Fans in attendance (Including "Mad" Eli who was there to pick up his Fan of the Millenium Award) loved it as did I.
It was JJ again in a Match for PPW in Kidderminster teaming with local hero Cage against Maddog and I, Top match (Dispite the Promoter giving us a Bollocking for wait for it......To Much Heat)
The end of May saw the start of the RPW Great Yarmouth Holiday Centre jobs, We love it at The Vauxhall we are always made to feel welcome and the Staff do a great job of putting us over.
June started slow but ended with a couple of Three Way Matches against Kade Callous and Rick Valiant for PPW (The Three way became my match in PPW as the Booker loved giving me the Dam things) dispite NOT moaning about the Three ways I was Blackballed from the following 2 PPW Jobs.
Alan (PPW Promoter/ Wrestler of sorts Jack Starr) soon came back when I heard that the Fans in Rhymney were chanting my name during the Maddog Maxx Bout.
Im Over even tho in 200 miles away....Talent.
With Maddog and Kade Callous on there Holidays in July I went with Nicky Mace, Spirit Walker and Ricky V to do a few jobs, Nicky Mace even became a Freebird for two shows.
Should be Honnored.
During that time I bagged us some Holliday Centre Jobs with John Coppings EWF Promotion for Maddog and I, leaving on Sunday with Maddog coming home from Greece on Friday I just hoped he was ganna be Free, Lucky he was and we did a few weeks with many different crews doing the Haven Sites and loved them all.
Popping home at weekends for the odd RPW, PPW, HCW and ACW job here and there.
The camps increased at one stage and we had to arrange a 2nd Team to do the RPW jobs.
Another last Second job came August Bank Holiday when we did a two day outdoor event in Croydon (8 Shows in two Days) that was cool.
With odd bits here and there with 1st time Jobs for EGA, GNB Wrestling and TBW the bookings were rolling in.
PPW had already Worked Chad Collyer and in October had Joe E Legend in for the Night, A real Gent and very funny and helpfull....Thanks Joe.
The End of October saw Me return to UCW to wrestle Maddog maxx it was good to go back and see guys I started with, Iv always liked the Gangster and hope to work for him again soon.
I was offered the Big UCW show in Newport but due to problems beyond my control I could not make the Event that had Cactus Jack, Sandman and more on, That was the Night I was due to team with Andy Hogg a Man Im often Compaired with on the Internet forums, Shame I missed it....Sorry G.
TBW in Wolverhamption was Cool, Had the chance to meet some lads from IWW in Ireland (Mad Man Manson and Jay Pheonix) Mansons took time to chat with us and we real nice.
November 12th also saw the last ever HCW-UK show as we close the doors to HCW-UK one final time.
Id like to thank everyone how helped HCW Over the years,
Im still very much into Booking for many other outfit as Booking is a passion of mine.
The last HCW Job was a Children In Need show and raised a tone of cash for the great cause.
Towards year end we did two PPW jobs Back to back that saw me become a Yank for two nights (Johnny Rhodes, Promoters Idea not mine) one of which almost ended in another Three way but I managed to get out of it and Worked Aaron Fusion and one last RPW job in Glossop before having the Christmas Break.
Christmas gives us all time to Think about  and Over a Curry and a few Pints Maddog, Kade and I had a long chat about 2006 and reviewed 2005 and came to the decision to leave PPW for the time being, We all had our ups and downs with PPW but Id like to thank PPW for the time I had there and wish them well.
But the Wrestling wasnt over yet as Boxing Day became Wrestling Day and the Madland Three (Maddog, Kade and I) Debuted for the Welsh Based Celtic Wrestling.
The packed Studio Bar was the venue for Rock and Wrestling show in Merthyer Tydfil, A wickid Night had by all and Id like to thank Karl (CW Promoter) For really looking after us and we look forward to seeing you again soon as we head back to Wales late Jan. 
To everyone iv worked over the last year ld like to say "Sorry for the fuck ups and thanks for your time and input, I know im not easy to work sometimes but thanks to guys like Kade Callous and Maddog Maxx who make me look like a million dollors, Cheers Guys."
Thats the year as I saw it.
"And that is a Shoot"