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A New Year

Hi All Hope we didnt drink too much and spend too much over christmas and everyones felling good.
As we enter 2006 Wrestling wise is (As always this time of year) kinda slow but thats only the in ring side of things as I'v been real busy Venue hunting and Talent booking for the All New River Severn Wrestling Promotion operated by the former Wrestler Bill Singh.
I love Booking and having free regin to book as I please (Within reason) is real good fun.
I met Billy a couple of years ago and he was talking about Promoting back then and with me not continuing with my HCW-UK Promotion but still with a burning passion to book I agreed to sort Bill's jobs out.
The other reason its good for me and the rest of the crew is because the shows are to raise much needed money for the Murphy's Cancer Day Care Centre.
Being a EX Cancer sufferer myself im more than happy to work to get funds together for them and the great work they do.
In Ring I'v had the Celtic Wrestling show in Merthyer.
Such a great Venue (The Studio Bar) and unlike some Promotions (NO this is not a dig at anyone spacific before the Forum starts burning) you can be yourself, You have no Boundries. This applies to the Dressing room and Bookers too
real good guys all Hungry for sucess in the Pro Wrestling game.
Maddog and I Worked Kade Callous (A real Wrestling Natural and Good Friend) and one of C/W's home grown talent Cobra who im sure with the right kinda grooming can become a real Celtic Wrestling Player.
With the Heat at a maximum and a great match structure thanks to the Best partner iv ever had (and iv had some team mates) in Maddog Maxx we won the Bout making me undefeated in C/W Now thats a first, 2 Matches, 2 Wins.... Whatever next.
We are Blesed with a few more bookings next month including our monthly C.W job and the first two R.S.W shows and an International Deal in March so the Future is bright.
Not alot else to report really stay safe.
Jonny The Body
And Remember - YOU PAID TO F*%$úNG SEE ME. xxx