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15/02/2006 - Back to the USA for the Body

Welcome all, hope you are well, not a great deal to report really just thought id shoot the shit with you all.


Feb has been good so far on the 4th River Sever Wrestling had its first show, A sell out at the St George Club in Kidderminster.

A red-hot crowd thanks to Cage (the local hero).

We did real well and even booked to return to the venue May 13th.

I Wrestled two bouts that night, First against Marcus Kool a real talented Kid and a Top Bloke, We had a wicked match, The ceiling was low to some of Marks High Spots were out of the question but we managed just fine.

The second contest was (as a result of my win over Marc) to be entered in the 5 man Final Match to Crown River Severns 1st champion, Cage eliminated me. Good Old maddog went on to score the win.

Id like to thank Thomas Bassey and Chris Recall for there Patience.

The bill changed that much for these two guys in the end they didn’t really know whom they were working. Maddog was in the same boat too but I don’t have to say thanks anymore to him, He knows he’s my best mate and could not do any of this without him.


With the original River Severn Wrestling Promoter moving away indefinitely I had to make a choice, do I just drop these shows IV booked a ring and guys for or do I take the bull by the horns and run them my self.

I was always told the show must go on, so I decided to add the three H.C.W letters (my old Promotion) back to the Promotion name (Making it HCW River Severn) and carry on with the job.

I manage to explain the situation I have been left in to people and explained that I wanted to continue with this venture for the guys who really wanna just get in the ring and do what they do best and with the greatest of help from people at G.N Promotions (Who have been great), The Celtic Wrestling Crew (All Stars in my eyes) and the Midlands (Ex KSW Boys and real Friends) we are able to carry on unharmed still with bookings in tact.


Id like at this stage to thank Alex Banner a Kiddermister local who has a great head for the Wrestling Game and has very kindly made HCW River Severn a website, Cheers Buddy, Check my links for the HCW River severn Wrestling Site.


The best news this Month comes in the form of two confirmed International Tours for Fellow Freebird Maddog Maxx and Me.

The first in late March sees us Fly to Kentucky in The U.S.A to perform in the HCW World Tag Team Tournament in Jackson KY.

We will also have the pleasure of doing Solo Bouts each side of the Tournament for other Kentucky and Tennessee Promotions.


Our second Tour is to the Country of Russia for a 3 day Tournament in Moscow this is mega news for me as not many UK Guys have ever been to such a non Pro Wrestling Country Il get more details on this soon, Kade Callous is joining us for this one too.


My next few weeks are quite full Wrestling wise and with my Mum back in Hospital again in quite a bad way ill be a busy bee.


Sat im with the HCW River Severn Crew again this time in Ashchurch, IL be facing old timer J.J Jenkins in a classic England vs. Wales Clash


The week after back to The Studio Bar in Merthyer Tydfil for The Great C/W Promotion I Love it there The Adult crowd are awesome

Back there the week after for a 2pm show this time id better mind my P’s and Q’s, as it’s a kiddies Job.


Talk to you all again soon


And Remember You Paid To See Me  XXXXXXXXXXXXX