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6/3/06 - England vs The World

Since we last chatted the bookings have become to roll in, Every year at around January time I worry that this is ganna be a shitty booking year and il go back to the days when I first started and be doing a show a month, I really would hate that.


Well thankfully that’s not the case and im not looking too quiet as we head into the summer months with bookings being added through the LWL Promotion based in Wolverhampton, The Welsh Outfit Celtic Wrestling as well as our own HCW – River Severn and added dates on the Freebird 2006 U.S tour coming up real soon.



Wrestling Wise I Worked a HCW – River Severn show in Ashchurch against J.J Jenkins (A real Pro of 40 plus years) it was a top match and I was even the Blue Eye (Face, Whatever you want to call it) I enjoyed the bout that much that between myself and other River Severn Management we have decided that Face is the HCW way for the Body, For now at least.

It makes good sense as in the Promotion we have an England Vs Wales feud going on so I beta fight for my country.

I feel abit like Bret Hart a Face in England (Against the Welsh) and a Nasty Villain in Wales (Against the Welsh), I love it really beat of both worlds.


The following week we took the trip to Wales for another wicked adult show at the studio bar, Iv said it many times before I love this place and love letting go in promos etc, I wont say what I said in my promo this time (My mum reads these LOL)

I worked a Young guy called The Workman who im sure with the right grooming will be a standout player for the Promotion real soon.


Two Days after the Workman Bout I woke up to find the top of my left arm had expanded and I really was in some hellish pain, I went to the doctors and they found I had a Blood Clot directly under my tattoo (I was more worried about my tattoo really I didn’t want that to get fucked)

But simple medication of Beta Blockers soon stopped the problem and now im just left with a red and hot arm.


Following week again back to studio bar this time for the Kids (No F-ing or B-ing this time) Maddog, Kade (My 2 closest friends in this game) worked a real solid 3 way.

Iv said it before I fucking hate 3 ways but with the standard of Wrestler in the ring with me that afternoon the Bout was a treat and everything was spot on, Id like to thank both Maddog and Kade for the outing.


Next up Bookings wise is C.W again in Cardiff, Then on Tuesday our Debuts in LWL il keep you posted on the news from these events, I’m off to start packing for my U.S trip, just 3 weeks to go. Another cance to fight for my country not only against the Americans but in the first match over there im against a young guy from Japan Yaaaaaaaaaaaa.


So long kids


And remember – You paid to see me