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One last good bye

With Less than a week to go before the Freebird UK Tour of the States begins I just thought id say 1 last good bye to you all and let you know what’s been happening in may life over the last few weeks.


A couple of days after my last post here I took my First Driving Test and OH YES I passed, Fuck me it made my life feel complete not only making it easier for me and the “Midlands Boys” to get to the Far away shows but great news for the Mrs and little one as we can now just off Shopping, On Holiday or where ever we need to go without having to rely on other people.


That was on the 10th, on the 11th we had the trip to Cardiff for the Wicked C.W Promotion, This was my first Wrestling Trip as driver in my new car (Well new to me) and really fun.

That night The Birds wrestled Kade Callous and Marcus Kool in a Spot on tag bout.


Couple of days later we head closer to home for a Midlands show in Wolvohamption for the Legend Promotion (LWL).

This was our first bout for this outfit and all the staff and Booking team made us feel very welcome and we even got invited back.

I wrestled Kade Callous again but this time I was the Baby Face (Good Guy) and again thanks to Kades patience and in ring skill we had a top bout.

They had some wild fans (Know as the pit) Very Hardcore Guys that know the job but still have tones of fun, Ha they paid to see me.



Entertaining "The Pit" In LWL Vs Kade Callous 


Maddog and I jet off to Ohio Airport th

is Tuesday evening unfortunately leaving behind a C.W Adult booking (I fucking love those too) and my first chance to wrestle for John Freemantels Premier Promotions, Mr Freemantel call asking for me to work his show but im away, PWF is the only real wrestling promotion I haven’t worked for and for the 2nd time of asking in busy, He called last year but I was bust on a Rebel pro job, Oh well Hope he calls back.


Il talk to you all upon my return home


Remember – You paid to see me