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06/04/2006 - Back to action, Back Home

Hi all, Real sorry its taken me so long to update and chat to you all, been real busy at home and after sleeping well after the flight back home from the U.S and Wrestling all the Weekend after I was fucked.


The H.C.W tour of the U.S was the Best ever, both as a learning curve in the ring and as a break away from the struggle of home life.


The trip started for me with the drive from my place in Worcester to Maddogs in Walsall, Lets get a time line on the go here I left my house at 9.30pm on Tuesday 21st March.

After meeting up with Maddog and Vicky (Maddogs other half and our head photographer) we jumped in a Taxi to take us to Digbeth Coach Station for our bus ride to Gatwick, Taxi pick up 11.45pm Coach pick up 12.30am arrive Gatwick 4.30am.

On arrival at the Airport we found McDonalds for Breakfast and had a short kip before finding check in and awaiting boarding, Take off 10am.

No we embark on the 8-hour trip to Cincinnati Ohio arriving there 2pm there time (6pm ours).


It was great to see the HCW Championship Wrestling Promoter again he’s a real cool guy and always looks after us real well, He was there with his wife to meet us and take us back to his place Via Hooters.

Anyone that does not know about the Hooters chain of Restaurants they are staffed by rather big breasted ladies wearing rather skimpy clothing, Marvellous I feel.

From there it was off to Hazzard Kentucky for a good well deserved nights sleep.


Day 2 we were taken to dinner by the Promoters Chiropractor of all people, This is the 2nd time I have met Tim he’s really funny and even invited us back to his should we return the the U.S in the summer for a BBQ.

Cheers Tim hope to see you again soon buddy.


Day 3 saw the start of the shows Firstly in Jackson KY.

A really hot crowd in that night too. I had triple duty Wrestling The Chosen One of Japan to a win in about 6 mins, Loosing (Of Course LOL) to Maddog mix in an unexpected treat, Man did we work hard in this one, Without a doubt the best bout Maddog and I have had and we have worked each other all over this country on both town and camp shows, Cheers Buddy you made me do things I never thought I could do.

As a result of this contest I manage to leave the ring with a broken nose (Through no fault of Maxxs BTW) I just landed face first from one of Maddogs face plants. Il live

From there it was Battle Royal time where Billy Maverick eliminated me, more on him later.


Next day saw Maddy and I team as the UK Freebirds in the HCW World Tag Team Tournament. This show was in a huge barn on the Fair Grounds, Traditional U.S Wrestling How cool.

Bout 1 was a win over Fat and Furious two ex OVW guys who were trained by Danny Davis and Rip Rogers in the same class as Rob Conway and Nick Dinsmore WOW. These guys were big. The Biggest at 500lbs worked as Jim Corrnetts Body Guard knows as Mr Black in OVW and his partner Vito Andretti was ex OVW Tag Champion, Real pros and great guys to work.

Bout 2 was against Billy Maverick who has worked mant to name including Koko B Wear, L.O.D, Buff Bagwell to name just a few and "Showtime" Shawn Christopher who i know real well after battles both in the U.S and U.K with him, After a back and forth contest we won in around 10 mins

Final saw a mat match against Simple Marvalous and established team from Chicago, In the end we left the Big old Barn HCW Champions after a double pin on P.T Hussler.

With the Tag gold won I an now only the 3rd HCW triple crown winner having won the World, International and Tag straps and i live 7000 miles away from the home base, God in Good.

After a days shopping aroung the Flea Markets on the Sunday we called up old buddy and Wrestling Legend Pat Rose and arranged to meet him in the local McDonalds, Iv spoken to Pat for the last 6 monthes or so exchanging views on the Wrestling game but this we our first meeting, hes a great guy, very friendly and helpfull to both Maddog and I, Cheers Pat when we are in th area again il let you take us fishing Buddy. we head home via the Mall on The Monday, A pritty un eventful trip tho.

After a 25 hour total trip home it was bed for the Body.

U.K Shows continues from Friday with HCW-UK River Severn in Cheltenham where i lost to the big welshman Caiman but for the first time in my 7 years of Wrestling won the Royal Rumble last eliminating my earlier foe Caiman.

Saturday afternoon the Freebirds worked our first HCW Tag Title defence against the Local heros The Bassey Brothers in Merthyer, Good all action bout.

This week sees 2 UCW Shows 1st in Trowbridge on a show with Legend Kendo Nagasaki and the following night (Sat) In Peasdown.

Thanks to Maddog and Vicky for the great week in the U.S and cheers to all the guys who we worked both there and here.


Talk soon


In Jonny The Body and You Paid to See Me