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Lost of Action, Lots of Sunshine

Welcome all to another instalment of The Body’s Crap talking

We last chatted when I got home from the U.S (Belts in hand LOL) since then I’ve seen a tone of in ring action all over both England and Wales for many Promotion.

We pick up the action at HCW River Severn at the Dowtys Club in Cheltenham, This was the second Dowtys Show we had done (The other being there club in Ashchurch a month before).

Had a couple of good bouts they’re taking on Caiman, The big man from C.W Promotion in Wales and then the Rumble.

That night was also a reunion of sorts as the Gangsters U.C.W boys are now working alongside me and the guys of H.C.W once again after a 4-year break.

It was great to have Gangster with us again after such a long time; He worked Atom who is the current U.C.W Champion and real solid worker.


The day after we headed to Wales fro the C.W afternoon job in Merthyr where Maddog and I had our first U.K defence of the HCW World Tag team Championships against The Bassey Brothers two big guys who are mean as hell, We had a red hot bout with them and enjoyed it a lot.


One week later a double for U.C.W, in a pair of tag outings, First against the House of Pain two guys who are well over with west country crowds and the following night against HOP and Maddog.

On night one we were all graced with the presence of “World Of Sport” Legend Kendo Nagasaki who did a book signing.

His manager Lloyd Ryan was also in attendance and was a real cool guy.

Mr Ryan’s son (Working under Damian Steel) is now a wrestler and the only trainee of Kendo himself, He worked the show that night and was also a top bloke, I wish him well in the future.


Tuesday 11th I worked LWL Champion EDWards in the Main Event of the evening, EDWards is the top LWL guy and as a great heart for the game and can really work.


H.C.W – River severn again that Sunday afternoon saw me Loose (Again) to caiman but pull a Rumble Victory out the hat, I love being Baby Face LOL


A week later and H.C.W action again 1st against Chris Recall then the Birds were forced to defend there World tag Belts against Kade Callous and Recall (As both Maddog and I lost our single Bouts) but we managed to keep hold of the tag gold.


Returning to LWL in association with Heroes Of Wrestling for another tag defence against two of LWL young guys Kia and Helios, Again id like to thank the young pair who did really well.


Three days in Wales saw South Wales Championship Wrestling action against Kade callous in a World Of Sport Bout. PPW action against Kade once again in front of a great house in Measteg. Billy Kidman was also on the bill, A top bloke and real funny as was Andy “Boy” Simmonz who I met for the first time that night, Good to meet ya mate.

The final day of the tree welsh dates saw me beat “Sweet” Sugar Steve for C.W in Merthyer on the Adult evening, I love Sugar and will be happy to work him any time.


Bank Holiday Monday I did 3 jobs for H.C.W River severn in Cheltenham, All outdoors but thank the Lord the Weather stayed dry.


A million bookings coming up (But always looking for more Promoters out there) plus a little break away with the Family mid June, Hope to talk to you all soon.




P.S – You paid to see me