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24/05/06 - Un Professional Chicken Shit

Welcome all once again to me, The Body having his little reflection on life.
The last few of my Commentaries have been kinda brisk, Mainly because a havent got a P.C so have to rely on Friends or the Internet Cafe places in town.
Thanks to my Mums friends next door I can aford to have a real chat about a very interesting situation that i was witness to on Sunday evening, More on that later tho.
The Action Continues with a C.W Bout against the Bassey Brothers two great guys who really work well together, That was in Caphilly.
Few days later saw singles bout with "Sweet" Sugar Steve Bassey in Merthyer for the Daytime Kids show.
L.W.L Saw me work old mate Maddog maxx in Wolvo we always have a good bout and this was no exception, Cheers buddy.
Now May 19th was Canton for C.W, Bare in mind that I had my new car just 2 weeks i really wanted to drive to the job, Just as we hit the Cardiff area we collided with another VEHICLE Shite Cars a write off, Bastard ah.
Oh well Got another now.
The Job itself was sweet tho A great tag bout against Men at Work, "Sweet" Sugar and The Workman.
That was day 1 of my what would become 3 day trec,
Day 2 was HCW at Redditch where i worked old mate Kade Callous, Again always fun.
On the Sunday the wife and i just took a last min trip to Leicester Pro Wrestling as we were already in the area at a Market near Redditch, So we hit Sheldons Ivy Leaf Club.
Just there as a punter i spoke with old timers Gerry Norton, Keith Myatt aswell as friends from the past Carnage, Rob Hunter and others when Staxx came in the room.
He said hello to Dee my mrs, Totaly Katfabed me went up to booker and promoter "Mad" Mike and took him aside.
5 mins later Old Staxx went, Not to be seen again.
Aftera K.F.C meal Gerry Norton asked me if i had my gear (As always i did) and  put me on in a 6 man tag.
Later id find out that i replaced Good old Staxx and now have LPW plans in some kinda program and Staxx, well you dont son.
Gerry would later tell me that after seeing me at the venue he thought that i was there to do him over (Over hear fron the past) but no big boy, Im a Pro. Anyway i later found out that staxx said he would not work the same show as me and gave Gerry the choice, Him or Me, good old Gerry chose me, Cheers Buddy.
Without a word to me, Staxx just Fucked off, In my eyes if you have a problem you talk them over, Staxx your fat ass belongs to nothing but a shitty yellow chicken legged bastard.
And thats a shoot folks.
You paid to see me