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Darts Meets Wrestling

Its been ages since I last had the use of a P.C so iv made a real effort this week to update this little old website.


I cant talk for long cuz in the Internet Cafe thing in the Town and your only allowed a couple of hours at a time so ill just give you a quick rundown of what my life’s been like over the past couple of months.


Well in all honesty its been quite good, Had a little holiday in Brean and had a chance to meet up with my Wrestling Trainer "Judo" John Brown who lives down there now.

Brownie is just the best bloke, real down to earth guy and real tough too (Despite the fact he’s in his mid 70's)

Back in 1977/78 he toured South Africa and had a Bout with a very young, Very Green Hulk Hogan (Then known as Sterling Golden), He also worked Tazz's Trainer Johnny Roddz and WWE Back stager Tony Garea and was good mates with the New Zealander for many years after.

I owe Judo the world for the start he gave me in Wrestling, He happily took me to shows he was working on and talked the Promoter (Jake) into using me, First in Rumbles and then into the deep waters of Real matches.

Man was I Shit then, I’m not much better now but I can at least powder the situation out with a look of confidantes now...LOL


So after a chat and a cuppa in Brownies Van he told me that on the Camp site I was staying at Jimmy Hagan was living cuz his Mrs worked there, now Jimmy was a true Icon in British Wrestling, He may not mean much to the fans of in ring action because he was just a small time Wrestler but in the World of Promoters he was a God in the 70's.

Jimmy ran every Holiday camp show in the Country from the late 60's to mid 80's toting up 100 plus shows a week.... Now this was a man I must meet.


So knowing nothing about what job his Mrs had or what Jimmy looked like I was now on a Hagan hunting mission.


In the end I discovered that Mrs Hagan was Personnel manager so I introduced myself and explained I was now a Wrestler Trained by John Brown and that ill love to meet you husband, By that time it was 10am on Friday morning (The day we are due to leave) so because of timing and the fact it took me 3 days to find Mrs Hagan I was very kindly invited back to Brean later in the year to have a chat with Jimmy... Il let you know how it goes.


Another guy I met there was International Dart Player Martin Adams who was in the area for the English Open Darts K.O at the Campsite the following week.



The bingo was on 1 night so I took my Daughter out of the main hall cuz she started to make a bit too much noise (you know what kids are like) We sat outside The Queen Vic (No not the Eastenders Pub) on the Pontins Site and Martin came and sat next to us with the guy who does all the announcing "Mr 180" you know the guy, I cant think of his name right now.

He asked about me and after an hour of so i mentioned i was looking for Jimmy haggan does he know who Mrs Haggan may be as he seemed very friendly with the staff there.

Well he didn’t but we started a long conversation on the similarities between Wrestling and Darts Sounds odd but the man had a point.


He said he remembers Wrestling in the 80's with the guys in regulation trunks and boots (All Blue or Black) an that to him was boring but when the U.S stars were on T.V with the Jazzy Outfits and Flashing lights that was Entertainment at its Best.

To Martin Darts was a mirror image of what Wrestling was.

Darts is now a huge sport on SKY and the BBC and the English open had a tone of coverage on EUROSPORT and all the big league Darts Companies are now using Flashing lights, Entrance Music and Gimmicky Names to build there stars and there sport... Just the same as what we do in Wrestling.


I closing id like to thank all my opponents and team mates IV worked since my last post.


See you all soon.


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