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15/09/06 - Pain and Pissed Off to Pleasure and Happiness

I guess some times I often jealous of other peoples success and well doing, May be not always jealous may be just envious of some of my friends as I wish them well and would in some ways want to become them, If not for ever but at least for the time of which they achieve success.

Over the last six months or so life has changes quite a bit and it seems like iv changed too.

I have waited and worked for years for what many people had when I was at school but when you get what you want (All be it 11 years after first wanting it, its all good)

It all started I’m march when I did something I thought I never would and that’s pass my driving test. I never have much cash to splash around, not since the split of an old girlfriend who left me 20,000 in debt without a home and pretty much without a soul for a good few years after. Because I was always skint etc I didn’t think I could ever learn to drive but in a little under three months JTB was on the road. That’s want 1 (Learn to drive-Wanted since I was 17 in 1996) done and dusted.

A month or two after that (Towards the end of May) I had a real depression, Constant crying, Feeling low, Feeling leanly and just basically wanting to do Fuck All. I thought my Wrestling was poor, I thought I didn’t have anyone around me that really cared and wanted to be around me at any stage and I was beginning to become a mess with constant pain in my legs and elbows, My back and ankles were throbbing 24/7 Wrestling was over for me at that stage, I even had to walk with a walking stick for a couple of days.

I saw people who I had helped get bookings taking bookings and not even asking me to watch them, I’m sure your all thinking “Fuck Off ya twat geta life” but that people… hurts

It was because of Karl (Caiman the Celtic Wrestling Promoter and Wrestler) that I began to feel wanted again, He doesn’t know this as yet but hopefully he will read this.

He didn’t do anything out the ordinary it was just at the right time I guess, all he did was simply ring me up and say that he will be more than happy to be part of my HCW River Severn Shows and is very glad to have me apart of his C.W jobs and rates me as a worker, simple shit no flowers or expensive meals just a simple couple of kind words from a true wrestling gentleman, Thanks for restoring my faith in my ability and always treating me with the utmost respect.

That lead me into many C.W show with outside talent.

Now JTB very really gets booked against talent brought in by the smaller regional promotions, Normally because I don’t mind making a local Jo look good and put them over no worries but Karl had the faith in me to work other talent.

Now I’m no stranger to working guys I don’t know don’t get me wrong but by outside talent I mean guys who don’t often work that particular outfit every month or whenever.

The match was on JTB Vs Bingo Balance from Irish Whip Wrestling, a great little guy who is very respectful, trustworthy in the ring and very quick. Mate we had a stormer of a match, Unsure what the public thought but from a personal point of view it was better than I had archived anywhere in a long time, Thanks Bingo.

I was blowing air out my arse after tho, Bingos such a speedy son of a gun and bumped me round with his high moves I was fucked but all good in the end. I even had fans and other wrestlers saying they enjoyed the match, that’s rear when plain reliable 3 moves , comedy bout Body is on.

Want 2 (Renewed faith in my Wrestling ability-Wanted since my wrestling training started in 1998) Done and Dusted.

And Want 3 (Working more outside talent-Wanted since I had a small idea on basic match structure in 2004) Done and Dusted.

The week after that I got another thing of my want list, this very P.C I’m sat at now. Iv waited years for this but at great expense JTB has a P.C and Internet that came 10 days later.

I’m such a MSN Nerd now talking all day.

Want 4 (a P.C-Wanted since leaving school in 1995) Done and Dusted.

From there I went into many other matches with outsiders like guys from the Canadian NWA promotion and an up coming bout with WWE, WCW, ECW and HCW (USA) Star Tracy Smothers in October , Thanks again Karl, Much love.

I also have an old friend back, Nick Dixon and I never had an argument or split in anyway we just drifted apart because I had words and many of a Wrestling disagreement with another mutual friend and because Nick had known this guy longer and may be…Sure I may have even been in the wrong with the sings I said or did, Nick stuck by the other guy and we just didn’t see each other for 18 months or so.

Well as predicted the other guy (an Ex promoter himself) shit on Nick and a couple of other guys and I herd about it and decided to call him and see if I could help with a but of wrestling work for them and generally just having a laugh.

It was great to see Nick again, Great to work tto, dam near almost killed me with a choke tho LOL

Good to have you back bud.

Want 5 (Old friends-Wanted since 2004) Done and Dusted.

Finally my last wish is set to come true within the next three weeks, JTB will finally be out of these stupid glasses as im getting contact lenses.

I’m never ganna be Romeo, im a 20 stone rough looking crippled man, but I’m sure with these lenses I’l have a great deal of new found confidence.

Want 6 (To see without spects-Wanted since my 1st pair of glasses in 1990) Done and Dusted

Of course I have the greatest daughter a man could ever wish for in Libby but she’s far above being on any wish list.

Just like to thank all the people who have booked me since we last chatted, Many thanks to The Gangster from UCW for the Tag Title run this month, Thanks to Matty from LWL for the National Title I still own and to Chris Roberts a big well-done and thank you for the great show last night JTB Face in Wales who would have ever thought it and of course to all opponents iv worked over the last couple of months.

Many thanks to all the HCW River Severn Boys for all there help, Maddog, Kade, Basseys, Buddy EDWards,Vaughn and Caiman too, The New lads The Raging Bull, The Golden Boys 3000 and Tommy T-Bone aswell as Young Boy the ref, and the newest staff members Ash Cox the ref and SPAM we know we are safe in your hands mate

That’s all for now.

I’m Jonny The Body and You Paid To See Me