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13/11/06 - Its all go

Hi all.

I dont get much time to sit and write these Blog deals but thought it was about time i made the effort.

i havent dun a commentary on my site for like a million years and when ever i go to the regular venues im asked "when ya ganna update ya site" etc well if the truth be known its because i started to loose interest in the Sport of Pro Wrestling.

However this last few weeks have really made me proud of what i am and what i do.

Now i say all this without wanting to sound arogant or big headed or to be a name droper but its all 100% truth and its all helped me to see may be this 20 stone fatty from a nothing happening midlands city can become a small time but yet recognised guy withing Pro Wrestling.

It all started when i has a phone call 1 Friday afternoon from some 1 (i thought) was pretending to be Tracy Smothers. Now Caiman i love to death but hes a ribber and knows im a huge Tracy MARK as am i for all the Southern U.S Wrestlers. So this guy calls me and says hes looking for a lil help and wanted a place to stay and that kinda thing so i just say ya ya no worry call me when i have more defo info for me.

Less than an hour later he calls again and gives me dates and times where to meet him and all this kinda deal. Fuck me it was the real Tracy Smothers and the real Tracy Smothers was ganna stary with me for like 10 days...How cool is that.

So we meet at a services near Leicester at around Midnight on the Sunday night, i take a mate (T-Bone) with me to keep me awake on route, no this guy Tracy arrives in a car with fellow UK wrestler Mojo with like a Million Bags and 3000000 bags of foam fingers now this is ganna be tight but we all get im lugage an all.

Over the next few days Tracy works me like a bitch in the gym for atleast 2 hours a day then we do, LWL training Tuesday, a RPW show in which i got to work the man 1 on 1 in a totaly unplaned match for 40 plus mins, Fuck me it was amazing, a HCW-RSW training thursday, CW show Friday where we did like another 40 plus mins in a 4 way with Tyler Brown and IWW star Vic Viper, Now Saturday was a cool experiance i got the chance to go to 1PW for the 1st time, all be it as Tracys Sales guy i loved it, Got to meet Dustin Rhodes and Chris Hammerick as well as some of the other lads there too, it was a ball.

just doing lil transport jobs for him till i took him to the airport tuesday where he would say our good byes but all in all a very educational few days with a true legend in our soprt...someone who truley respects the sport of pro Wrestling and also respects the ppl in it.

Thanks alot Tracy cant wait till the next 1...God Squad Man.

After that i was happy to work anyone as i got a whole new confidence after a great deal of traveling and training from such a master crafts man as he.

I had the graet privalage of working the UK Pit bulls for the 1st time in Blackpool for a hot new promotion called PSE that was real cool.

I worked The Bull in a Last Min HCW show origanaly covered by EWF till i had so save the promoter by bringing the full show with like 3 hours notice. Great crowd great night.

Also got to team with JJ Jenkins for the UCW promotion in the west country, traveling and staying with this guy was again a education for me and having Blondie Barrett there too was just a added Bonus. Any one that knows me knows that im the biggest Blondie Barrett fan in all the land i at one point was like the Bondie Stalker following him round the halls for the UK looking for the man. Soz bob, still love ya 10 years on.

I have the best line up of shows including 2 days of double shots 1st week of december so ha atlast im a pro on the road.

Before i go a big thank you too Jonny Lee and Dan Ryder who we had a real laugh with the other night in the West Country cheers guys looking forward to working with ya Dec 9th in Builth Wells.

Cheers everyone who has contacted me after being i lil ill with shingles this past month in full recovered now, thanks again

Im Jonny The Body and you paid to see me