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In true love

Before we start i wanna say i really fucking hate Christmas......As a rule at least, all my working like i have had it hard at this time, In the Super mega mass busy Restaurants, The Uper Uper busy Shop etc, then when i started this crazy dream and wanted to wrestle full time i just had the family thing happening, having the fat old bastard of an ex mrs telling me what and what not to do, spending 1000000000000000000000000000 on presents for people i have never really met and people who she had bearly even know (3rd cousens great grand mother or whatever) but this year is a odd 1.
Many may know i was with my last Girl friend (who became my wife to be Christmas Day 2004) but as in like things dont always work out and and we decided (or i did) that it was best for the sake of me and my sanity and for Dionne (my ex) and most importantly my dughter who was seeing us argue all the time and just not be a family any more, for us just to part ways.
A couple of months ago i met up with an old mate who i hadnt seen in ages, we kinda had a split of the ways (The Bull) but we are now 100% closer than we were back then and have a top time now wether it be just going out with him to work or getting fucked drunk at the pub, well he runs a wrestling training place by were i live so i started going down to have a goosie at the trainees there and see if i could help them a little bit like.
Theres a great bunch a guys and 1 kinda special girl there.
This special girl didnt speek, to any one tho, she seemed really shy but always came training and had a true passion for the wrestling game like very few do.
All of a suden on MSN she pops up and i cudnt stop her talking, like a totla transformation.
We cahtted and mat up a few times (Just as mates) and went to a few shows toghther and stuff
Over the last may be 3 months we have had a top time and a few really cool road trips but over the last month we have become more than just friends.
Vickey Saunders has become the 1 true love of my life and id like to thank her for being there for me and for giving the all the love in her heart right back to me.
I have Fucked over 90 Women in the 11 years i have been leagaly aloud to shag (Im not bragging btw just shooting with ya) I have has 3 other REAL girlfriends who i thought i was in love with, but how do you know your in love?
I just asumed that i was because i guess i said it 1 day and beleaved it.
But the feelings i have for Vix are like no other i have had before.
I miss her so much when shes not around, i miss her smile her touch and her laugh, i get little texts that say "I love You" and they make me feel like im King of the World, My heart speeds up just because im with her and when im not im constantly looking at the clock until its lime to see her again.
Vickey you have made me a very happy man and i love you with all my heart.
I could never be without you
Thats why this Christmas will be diferent, Il be with Vix, My 1st true love
Vix will soon be a regular on the CW and LWL shows too as my manager "HELLBUNNY" shes the best
JTB is 1 lucky boy
Im Jonny The Body and you paid to see me