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26/3/2007 - Fuck you Thompson

The Wrestling game is full of ass holes and cunts....on the whole like.
Promoters who just want to work you for pence, Other wrestlers who wanna shit on ya match cuz you cant do a banana rana canrana, Old timers who think the best way to teach you the wrestling industry is to beat the shit out of ya for fuck all reason and punters who think they can always do better than you dispite the fact they're 5 stones soaking wet and look like shit and beleave its all about how many moves you can do in 4 mins.
With all that said i wanna say how very diferent the wrestling game is away from the small time English circuit.
Lets have a more detailed look at the English and welsh scene as far as i can see it........before i go any further id like to say im not shooting on any promoter or wrestler here this is just the true to life facts and im thankfull to all the bookers, promoters and wrestlers i have ever been in contact with and am booked by.
I do 1,2,3 or more shows a week in eather England or Wales, I have been on national T.V i am constantly booked for my "Different" approach to wrestling, Im old school, im a steady heel, a typical southern american style baby face, i never say im not doing this or i wanna do that, im ya solid little opener to any show but people never know im ganna be on the show or what my name is or who the fuck i am because i always seem to be the "Plus many more guy"
Now im currently in the process of booking my 5th U.S tour, bear in mind that thats like 7000 miles from my home - i have been offered Free VIP Tickets to OVW from a good friend of mine who works for them Kenny "The Star Maker" Bolen (A former manager to guys like John Cena & Rico) plus bouts for promotions run and booked buy the southern americas greatest old time names like Beau James, Tom Pritchard and the truly legendary Jimmy "Boogie Woogie Man" Valiant all willing to help me out and help myself and vix with training before shows all free of charge because they really wanna pave the way for what they see as the future of the wrestling game. A big thrill for me recently was when i contacted SSW Promoter Beau James asking if he could use me and Vix when we come over to his area, Just a couple of days later Pat Rose (Ex WCW and Memphis legend and star of the RVD DVD) messages Beau on my space saying use us because "Jonny The Body is good people man" Now thats a recomendation from a guy who has worked the best in the world for a lot of years, a truly respected guy within our sport too.
There are very few....if any, UK old timer who would put you over like that, and why, mainly cuz they are worried that you will steal there spot on the show and they will get the boot.
Just last weekend i toured scotland for the 1st time, My face on the poster, my name on all the ads, me in the main event..............fucking sold out.

Why do wrestling promoters of the world contunue to put faith in me to perform at such a high level when the locals who know i always work my fucking bollocks off for them and the show, (Not myself like many of the main event lads i have seen recently) make me travel 100 miles for a three way match il be elliminated from in 3 mins so the spot monkeys can work just so they dont offend me ..."at least hes booked he cant moan"
I know im good enough for your shows people, i proved that last week in scotland cuz i have 2 other booking from the SWE booker up there (Cheers David), I sold out of My DVD and every punter leaving the hall after a tag match a had up there was saying how much they enjoyed us.
The best recomendation is the paying punter rite.

So i have had my little rant now on to the pleases and thank yous from my JTB -

Thanks to everyone i have worked over the past few months - The Bull for making me almost piss my tights in a bout we had recently....hes a funny cunt for real....stiff ass too LOL, Marcus Kool for just being him, T-Bone for covering for my Blown Up ness, Kade Callous & Deathrow for not killing me, Chaz Pheonix & Randy valentine for being ace up in scotland last weekend aswell as the rest of ya who i have missed off.
Thanks to the WWO bookers for booking me for there 1st show in april, looking forward to it, David from SWE cant wait till oct till we are back up there with you guys & Young Boy for using me better than any UK promoter has ever done.

Id also like to take this time to say I fucking love you Maddog Maxx, Reall sorry i havent been around ya much recently, Been working a "Real" job aswell as traveling apart its hard work but i wanna say il always behere u know that bro... FREEBIRD 4 LIFE rite.

Does anyone here know of that TV chef TWAT Anthony Worral Thompson??? I have been watching old "Question Of Sports" and he was a Less than special guest on 1 and claimed wrestling was "All that fixed rubbish isnt it" well My Thompson il lay ya a little challenge get ya BBC TV camaras down to a show im at get ya lilly white chefs jacket off and some nice tights on and il prove to ya exactly how real it can be ya dis respectfull little bitch.

Other than that its just been all Vix Vix Vix.

As you know we will be getting wedded sept 22nd, it all seemed so far away like last month but its less than 6 months now....fuck me it will be here soon and i still cant aford it LOL.

Vix hunny il be lost without ya, you are my best friend and my lover thanks for everything you have done for me the last few months and every thing you do from this day forward. I know im a bit of a cock some times but thats just how i am, but ul get used to me LOL. You truly are a pleasure to be around and i love you dearly....Thank you. XXX

Love ya all

Im Jonny The Body and you paid to see me - after all its all about the Lolly