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8/10/07 - The biggest 'Mr#1' Shoot ever

Hi guys, Just been onto the Celtic forum and read Basseys blog where he says its been 5 months since his last commentary, well it was 26th march I last did one today being October 8th so its time I caught up with you all and had a little rant, Read this mother fuckers and if it offends any of you guys or your friends tough shit, I’m ganna shoot on some bastards right here and no one can take this away cuz its my fucking website.

With that said I have to start be putting a few (and only a few) people over for there help, love and support over the last 6 months or so.

22nd September saw little old me get married to the girl of my dreams in what was one of the greatest moments of my life, she looked fucking amazing and I would like to say thank you to Vixs for making my dreams come true that day.

Mrs Costello you’re a star XXX.

My Mother I would like to thank for everything she did to help me and vixs get started in the real world aswell as all the love and help given to me and vix by jan & keith the mother and father in law, I love you all XXX.

In the wrestling world again Chris Roberts for making me feel like a star when I know im really not. I was booked by him in a Hardcore style tag match deal a few months ago and to be fair much as I was marking out a lil for it I was really nervous about it as im really not the hardcore type am I. Well the end result was a fucking great bout and looks brill on DVD, Cheers for the chance Chris, Love ya man.

Id love to thank the HCW regulars for there help on a fair few HCW shows around the country aswell as a couple of outsiders who we had the pleasure of having on HCW shows, Thanks go to SPUD, BLONDIE BARRETT, IESTYN REES, EL LIGERO, MAD MAN MANSON, KEEGO WARD, SAINT & SINNER and anyone I have forgot.

Now for the shoot.

A few months ago I was at a show in canton where I was wrestling exodus (This is nothing against him no matter how much he has slated me to people who I know) as waiting to go on Exadouses manager DAN REED was wtching a young guys high flying style bout through the door.

Constantly commentating on whats happening in the ring and being quite harsh with his words towards my friends who were wrestling I ask him to stop this harsh comments.

Well OBVIOUSLY he continued and when good mate marcus kool did not do a perfect (but very very over move) he slated him like he was useless.

Well that just set me off. I have worked marc many times and without him I would have been long out this great sport as he was the guy I had a great bout with and really restored my faith in my in the ring, Lets face it im not a great wrestler but im a worker right and I have to take praise here because no fucker gives it to me.

I asked him how many matches he has don’t….his reply ZERO but how many shows has he put on, Who gives a fuck TWAT.

So we had a little bit of banter like I do LOL.

It was match time and I had no shine or fuck all in this bout but fair play im the pro pin me pay me right.

After the match where I was super over I told referee Chris Roberts to get my opponent out of the ring and leave dann in there I will turn him round and stunner him to get my face pop and send the punters home happy, Basic wrestling right.

Well when Chris asked dann he refused and said he had heat and basically wanted to milk it and let me have none of it.

Well is your allowed to be unprofessional then so am I right, I truned the CUNT round and stunnered the shit out of him.

After a little chase around the ring where he shit its little chino pants that im sure his mother washed for him when the useless cock muncher got home he shot out the back door and asked to speak to the promoter and as I was told me too, Well when I went out there he was no where to be seen.

Heres the funny thing, Word has spread about this and the wrestling world has congratulated me on it because they hate the little wrestling cling on too. Anyway the funny thing, He did not come back in the building after that all night, Why because he’s a little chicken shit COCK who is too shit scared to speak to me.

He leaves his little you tube videos of old JTB matches with nasty comments on it but would say fuck all to my face, Well how’s this for a deal SHIT HEAD , Email, Call, Text me do what ever you want to get hold of me il meet you when ever and where ever you want and I will do what every other wrestler in the country and across the world really wants to do.

Friends have told me that he says things about the evening but has never mentioned what a chicken shit he really became. DANN REED people like you are wrestling cling on’s , People who feel they are too good to buy a ticket an enjoy the show but that’s really the best thing for them to do, REED you’re a mark with money who just love to have his wrestling promotion as a cock replacement, The only way he will ever be close to women is through his pervert women’s promotion (Again nothing against any of the girls on these shows as I know many of them and they all great talent)

Just last Saturday I had word that an other wrestler watching the show was dissing my bout because I can work and do 15 mins full of heat without touching my opponent, and YES you know me guys when I see him I will pull him up on it hence the reason I have not mentioned his name.

To everyone I have worked over the last 6 months, To all the promoters in Wales, England, Scotland and the great guys in Ireland, I love you all

Im off to America for some of the greatest southern wrestling promoters around in april 2008 so looking forward to that, 5th tour dann reed, fuck you.

Love to you all, Except dann reed

‘Mr#1’ Jonny Costello