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29/11/08 - A must buy

Hi Guys Lil old Jonny here again.

I dont do these things very often and to be fair im not going to ramble on like a normally do here this time (Thank god i hear you all cry).

Im not going on because i want you all to hear my true life experiances and problems on a 100% truthful Shoot Interview to be released (I hope) 8th December.

I will bring them to all live shows i am at and will also have them at the Celtic Wrestling Awards (even tho i wont win fuck all again lol)

Wrestling life is fair right now slowing down a little because time of year but looking forward to the rush in new year.

Recently i have crossed paths with some really good and helpful people and some real ass holes all of witch i will  talk about on the 3 hour plus dvd and hold nothing back.

Hear how i got involved in wrestling

The early crew i wrestled with


- 'World Of Sport' Star Steve Logan,

Nick Knight,

Maddog Maxx (in the old days when we were both idiots),

The Ragin Bull,

Nick Ashbury,


Alan Ravelhill & PPW,

Adam Mumford,

Dann Reed

Sanga Bagga

Matt Jarrett

Peter Staniforth

Matt Decan

and the BIGGEST of them all Tracy Smothers

as well as the highs in wrestling i have had,

 The US tours,

Title Wins,

Holiday Camp Stories

PLUS - The cancer, The Drink addiction and more

A must buy even if you hate me