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Name - 'Mr#1' Jonny Rose

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 255lbs

From: Trenton, GA, USA

Now Living: Kidderminster, England

Trademark move(s): Samoan Drop, Jaw Breaker, Landell style elbow drop, The Shot Gunn (Stunner), The Flatliner, Southern Leg Sweep.

Finisher: Confederate Bomb (Full Nelson Slam)

Trained By:

Great British Legend - 'Judo' John Brown

Also trained by: Tracy Smothers, Nick 'U-Gean' Dinsmore, Chris Hamerick, Steve Logan

Other Names used: Jonny 'The Body', Johnny Hart, Johnny Rhodes, Johnny Whipwreck, Skullduggery, The Masked Maniac, The Patriot, The UK Bushwaker, The UK One Man Gang, John Slone, Mighty John, John Stallard, The Playboy, The Ex-Chippendale,The English Redneck, Mr#1, UK#1, 'Redneck' Jonny, Johnny Reb, Jonny Costello, Jonny The Red, Jonny Old School.

Former Managers: Lady Lush, The Vixon Twins, Vicky Biguns, Mr Jonny P, Klondyke Kate, Hellbunny

Greatest Opponents - 'Rock & Roll Express' Blondie Barrett, Maddog Maxx, Joe E Legend, Tracy Smothers, UK Undertaker, Fat & Furious, Danny 'Boy' Collins


This veteran of both British and American wrestling has decided to make his presence felt all over the world. 

As a cousin of former WCW Wrestlers Pat & Randy Rose he brings the knowledge of years of family experience in the ring.

Jonny is notorious for pulling off whacky stunts, including having his body hair waxed off on live television and appearing on BBC One's Ready Steady Cook in full wrestling attire!

His experience within British & U.S wrestling has earned him the honour of ranking 385 out of the 500 top wrestlers in the world (2003) & 388 (2004)

With an old school southern American style, Jonny has learnt to adapt to modern wrestling and still keep to his Southern roots, he is a dangerous opponent and should never be underestimated..

Biggest Influences:

Pat & Randy Rose - Jonny's Cousins and former WCW stars

'Rock & Roll' Ricky Morton

'Mr#1' George South