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Promotions Worked

 Promotions Worked.

4FW - 4 Front Wrestling (England)

ACW - Anglia Championship Wrestling (England)

AIWF - American Independent Wrestling Federation (Running with LAW) (England)

AIWF - American Independent Wrestling Federation (Running with UCW) (England)

American Wrestling Tour (England)

APE Promotions (England)

ASW - Brian Dixon's All Star Promotions (England)

APWF - Allied Powers Wrestling Federation (USA)

Awesome Wrestling (England)

AWW - After Watershed Wrestling (England)

AWW - Alternative World Wrestling (England)

BASE Wrestling (England)

Basix Wrestling (North Wales)

Britannia Wrestling (North Wales)

BWA - British Wrestling Alliance (England)

BWA Scotland (Scotland)

BWF - British Wrestling Federation (England)

BWFE - British Wrestling Federation Entrepreneurs (England)

CCW - Commonwealth Championship Wrestling (England) as Ref

CW - Celtic Wrestling (South Wales)

Celebrity Wrestling Tournaments Ltd (England)

Charity Wrestling Federation (England)

Dave Rees Promotions (England/Wales)

DPW - Damage Pro Wrestling (England)

Dunscot Wrestling Promotions (England)

EEW - Extreme English Wrestling (England)

EGA - Elite Grapplers Association (England)

ESEW - Extreme Sports Entertainment Wrestling (England)

EWF - Johnny Allen's Elite Wrestling Federation (England)

EWF - John Copping's Elite Wrestling Federation (England/Wales)

EWA - English Wrestling Alliance (England)

GB Promotions Ltd (England)

GN Promotions (England)

HCW - HCW Championship Wrestling (USA)

HCW - River Severn (England)

HCW-UK - Headlock Championship Wrestling UK (England)

HCW-Wales (Wales)

Heroes Of Wrestling (England)

HIW - Hayling Island Wrestling (England)

ICW - International Charity Wrestling (England)

ICW - International Championship Wrestling (England)

International Wrestling (England)

IWF - Inderpendant Wrestling Federation (England)

IWW - Irish Whip Wrestling (Ireland)

Jimmy Frost Promotions (England)

JTP - Jack Taylor Promotions (England)

J Copping Promotions Ltd (England/Wales)

JJ Promotions Ltd (England)

KSW - K-Star Wrestling Promotions (England)

Last Man Standing Promotions Ltd (England)

LAW - Live American Wrestling (England)

LPW - Leicester Pro Wrestling (England)

LPW - Live Pro Wrestling (England)

LWEP - Linconshire Wrestling And Entertainment Promotions (England)

LWL - Legends Wrestling League (England)

MEGA - Mad Eli's Grappling Association (England)

Mr Paul Kelly Promotions (England)

Klondyke Jake's Midlands Promotions (England/Wales)

NCW - National Championship Wrestling (England)

NBW - Norton British Wrestling (England)

NGW - Nu-Gen Wrestling (England) as M.C

NWA East - National Wrestling Alliance East (USA)

NWA Wales (Wales)

NWL - Northern Wresting League (England)

PCPW - Pure Class Pro Wrestling (England)

PCW - Pro Championship Wrestling (England)

PCW - Pure Catch Wrestling (Wales)

Pippa L'Vinn Wrestling Factory (England) as M.C

Pretty Neat Entertainment (England)

PPW - Pro Power Wrestling (South Wales)

PSE Wrestling (England)

Pure Catch (South Wales)

PWA - Pro Wrestling Alliance (England)

RAW-UK - Real American Wrestling Promotions UK (England)

R.H Promotions (England)

RPW - Rebel Pro Wrestling (England)

RSW - River Severn Wrestling (England)

South Wales Championship Wrestling (South Wales)

Steel Promotions (England/Wales)

Summit Wrestling (in association with NWA Wales)

Superslam Wrestling (England)

SWE - Scottish Wrestling Entertainment (Scotland)

TAW - Total Action Wrestling (England)

T-Bag Promotions (England/Wales)

TBW - Total Brutality Wrestling (England)

Team Guv Wrestling Entertainment Ltd  (England)

TIW - This Is Wrestling (England)

Tough Justice Wrestling (England)

TWA - Scott Conway's The Wrestling Alliance (England)

UCW - Ultimate Championship Wrestling (England/South Wales)

UCW-Mids - Ultimate Championship Wrestling Midlands (England)

UPW - Ultimate Pro Wrestling (England)

UKPW - United Kingdon Pro Wrestling (England)

UKWA - United Kingdom Wrestling Association (England)

UWA - Phil Powers Ultimate Wrestling Association (England)

UWE - Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment (England)

UWL - Ultimate Wrestling League (England)

WFSC - Wye Forest Sports Council (England) as Trainer

WI*LD - Wrestling International Living Dangerously (England) as Ref

Wrestle Midlands (England)

Wrestling Live (England)

Wrestling Rumble (England)

WVW - Wolverley Valley Wrestling (England) as Trainer

WWO - Welsh Wrestling Organisation (South Wales)

WXW Pro Wrestling (England)