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Career Highlights

*Each Title Win - See Titles Held for more info
*My first tour of The U.S with The Gangster where i was on a show with WWE star 'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan
*My 2nd U.S tour to HCW in Kentucky where i wrestled main event against the champion
*My 3rd U.S tour where i won the International championship from Mike Harris
*My 4th U.S tour where Maddog Maxx and i won the World Tag Team championships after beating stars of OVW, WWE and indy wrestling in a tournament
*Becoming a regular on the UK Holiday Centre tours
*Becoming a regular name to tour Wales
*Touring Scotland for SWE
*Touring Ireland for IWW
*Wrestling Irish stars like Mad Man Manson, Vic Viper, Bingo Ballance, Ban Katraz, Balimun Bruiser, Mandrake & Red Vinny
*Wrestling Stars from TWC like Team Sexay, Ricky Hype, SAS, Ashley Steel etc
*Wrestling My Idol Tracy Smothers at RPW for the HCW Supreme championship
*Teaming with Tracy Smothers to form the 'Southern Boys' Tag Team as part of a SWCW show
*Wrestling World Of Sport Star Blondie Barrett
*Teaming with Blondie Barrett to form 'The Rebels' as part of a HCW Wales show
*Being Ranked 388 & 385 in the PWI top 500 listings
*Meeting some top names from british wrestlings past like Ricky Kight, Johnny South, Johnny Kidd, Drew McDonald & Johnny Saint etc
*Being Re United with Cousin former WCW Wrestling legend Pat Rose as part of U.S Tour 2006
*Teaming with SpUd
*Being the longest Southern American Champion since Jerry 'The King' Lawler
*Ranked Number 6 in the UK Shitarse 50
*Many TV, News Paper, Magazine & Radio appearance
*Performing as MC at the Wrestling Factory in Manchester
*Wrestling Ex WWE/TNA Star Joe E Legand before 2000 people at Butlins
*Wrestling World of Sport Superstar Danny 'Boy' Collins at the LAW Legends show in Worcester Oct 2009